E406 Structural Geology Lab

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ES406 Fall 2008 Class Syllabus
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Welcome to ES406 Structural Geology Lab with Dr. Taylor!

Lecture Notes

The class notes are organized according to their order of occurrence throughout the term. They are available in Adobe Acrobat Reader (PDF) Format. Acrobat Reader is invoked as a plug-in within the web browser environment. It is available on most machines at WOU. Acrobat Reader can be downloaded for free by returning to Taylor's Home Page

Exam study guides will be included as the term progresses. Please check future postings as exam time approaches

Introduction to Structural Geology

Primary Rock Structures

Introduction to Brittle Fracturing

Fracture Mechanics

Introduction to Faulting

Faulting Part 2: Normal-Reverse-Strike Slip

Folds and Ductile Deformation

Rock Fabric, Foliation, Lineation




Class Slide Shows

Text Readings

Chapter 1 - Overview
Chapter 2 - Intro to Structural Geology and Tectonics
Chapter 3 - Fractures and Joints
Chapter 4 - Introduction to Faults
Chapter 11 - Folds
Chapter 13 - Foliations and Lineations
Chapter 8 - Stress
Chapter 10 - Fracture Mechanics
Chapter 12 - Folding Process Models
Chapter 14 - Formation fo Foliations and Lineations
Chapter 15 - Strain

Lab Exercises and Resources

Unit Conversion Tables for Lab Exercises

Reference List of Algebraic and Trigonometric Functions

Review of Topographic Map Principles

Introduction to Use of Brunton Compass

Lab 1 - Lines and Planes (Notes and Instructions)
  • Lab Manual - Attitudes of Lines and Planes
  • Lab 1 Answer Key

    Lab 2 - Outcrop Patterns and Structure Contours (Notes and Instructions)
  • Lab Manual - Outcrop Patterns and Structure Contours
  • Lab 2 Answer Key
  • Practice Problem - Three-Point Problem Determining Strike and Dip (Notes and Instructions)

    Lab 3 - Introduction to Geologic Maps (Notes and Instructions)
  • Lab Manual - Interpretation of Geologic Maps
  • Lab 3 Answer Key

    Lab 4 - More Geologic Maps and Cross-Sections (Notes and Instructions)
  • Lab Manual - Geologic Structure Sections
  • Lab 4 Answer Key

    Lab 5 - Introduction to Stereonets (Notes and Instructions)
  • Lab Manual - Stereographic Projection
  • Lab 5 Answer Key

    Lab 6 - Analysis of Folds in Outcrop (Notes and Instructions)
  • Lab Manual - Folds
  • Lab 6 Answer Key

    Lab 7 - Stereonet Analysis of Folds (Notes and Instructions)
  • Lab Manual - Stereographic Analysis of Folded Rocks
  • Lab 7 Answer Key

    Lab 8 - Introduction to Faults (Notes and Instructions)
  • Lab Manual - Faults
  • Lab 8 Answer Key

    Lab Data

    Lab Answer Keys

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