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Instructor:Dr. Arlene Courtney, NS 104
Office Hours:MWF 9-10, Th 10:30-11:30
Texts:Carey, "Organic Chemistry", 4rd Edition
Study Guide to accompany Carey
Zubrick, "The Organic Chem Lab Survival Manual
Other Materials: Learning With Modeling CD-ROM (packaged with Carey Text)
Bound Laboratory Manual with carbon copy pages
Molecular Model Set
Course Description:This course will cover the organic chemistry of alkynes, dienes, and aromatic compounds emphasizing their structures, properties, reactions and syntheses. The use of spectroscopy for structure determination will also be covered.
The prerequisite for this course is successful completion of Ch 334.


Date Topic Text Reading Homework Problems (Text) Other Assignments

Lecture Notes
Ch 7: 7.1-7.97.22, 7.24

Excellent Stereochemistry Tutorial

Single stereocenters

Lecture Notes
Ch 7: 7.10-7.177.25, 7.27-7.30, 7.33, 7.38, 7.39, 7.41, 7.45
7.48, 7.49

Multiple stereocenters

Roadmap for Classification of Isomers

Stereochemistry Online
1/11SN2 Reactions

Lecture Notes
Ch 8: 8.1-8.78.17, 8.19, 8.45The SN2 Reaction
Nucleophilic Substitution Dry Lab

Weeks Ch 3: Simultaneous Bond Making and Breaking -- Sigma Bond Making & Breaking
1/14SN1 Reactions

Lecture Notes
Ch 8: 8.8-8.128.20, 8.22-24, 8.27
8.44, 8.47
SN1 vs. SN2
Nucleophilic Substitution Reactions
Nucleophilic Substitution Questions

Weeks Ch 3: Sigma Bond Making
Weeks Ch 3: Sigma Bond Making
1/16Substitution vs. Elimination

Lecture Notes
Ch 8: 8.13-8.168.29, 8.30, 8.32 
1/18Alkynes: Nomenclature & Properties

Lecture Notes
Ch 9: 9.1-9.5 9.4, 9.18, 9.19 
1/21No Class - MLK Holiday   
1/23Preparation of Alkynes

Lecture Notes01/12/99
Ch 9: 9.6-9.79.23, 9.24Preparation of Alkynes
1/25Reactions of Alkynes

Lecture Notes
Ch 9: 9.8-9.159.21, 9.22,9.26-28, 9.30-35Summary of Alkyne Reactions
1/28Allylic Carbocations & Radicals

Lecture Notes
Ch 10: 10.-10.410.1, 10.2Weeks Ch 2: Simple Ions
Weeks Ch 2: Free Radicals
1/30Dienes & Allenes

Lecture Notes
Ch 10:10.5-10.11 10.17-19, 10.22, 10.24 
2/01Diels-Alder Reaction

Lecture Notes
Ch 10: 10.12-10.15 10.23, 10.35, 10.36 

Lecture Notes
  Synthetic Strategies
The Diels-Alder Reaction

2/08Benzene: Structure & Nomenclature

Lecture Notes
Ch 11: 11.1-11.09 PROBLEM SET #1 DUE

11.23, 11.24, 11.26
Weeks Ch 2: Benzene and Benzenoid Aromatic Compounds
2/11MIDTERM #1
2/13Arenes: Reactions

Lecture Notes
Ch 11: 11.10-11.17 11.31, 11.32, 11.37 

Lecture Notes
Ch 11: 11.18-11.2311.42-45 
2/18Electrophilic Aromatic Substitution

Lecture Notes
Ch 12: 12.1-12.512.22 a-gElectrophilic Aromatic Substitution
Summary of Benzene Reactions
2/20Friedel-Crafts Reactions

Lecture Notes
Ch 12: 12.6-12.8 12.22 h-l 
2/22Rate & Orientation in Electrophilic Aromatic Substitution

Lecture Notes
Ch 12: 12.9-12.15 12.23Weeks Ch 2: More Complicated Ions
2/25Rate & Orientation continued

Lecture Notes
Ch 12:12.16-12.1812.24, 12.27, 12.32, 12.33 
Ch 12: 12.15-12.1912.34 
3/01MIDTERM #2
3/041H NMR Chemical Shift Ch 13: 13.21, 13.22PROBLEM SET #2 DUE

13.1- 13.3
Proton NMR Interpretation Tutorial
3/061NMR Spin-Spin SplittingCh 13: 13.7-13.12 13.23-25Proton NMR Problems
3/07Carbon-13 NMRCh 13: 13.13-13.1813.26-31Carbon-13 Problems
3/08IR SpectroscopyCh 13: 13.19-13.20 13.32-34 IR Spectroscopy
IR Problems
3/11Mass SpectroscopyCh 13: 13.21   Mass Spectroscopy
Mass Spectroscopy Problems
3/13Spectroscopy Problems
Ch 13: 13.22 Spectroscopy Self-Assessment Quiz
Organic Structure Elucidation Workbook
Integrated Problems
3/15Spectroscopy Problems
8:00 AM

MIDTERM EXAMS2@100 pts200 ptsA: 600-558 pts

B: 522-498 pts

C: 462-438 pts

D: 402-378 pts

F: Below 360 pts
QUIZZES5@20 pts100 pts
1@ 50pts
100 pts
FINAL EXAM 100 pts
 TOTAL600 pts


Short chapter quizzes will be given on the days denoted by the symbol . Quizzes will be given at 8 am. The top 5 scores will be used in determining your grade.


You are expected to have completed the reading assignment given for a particular date before coming to lecture on that date. The homework problems are intended to be completed after the lecture on the date listed. Working the assigned homework problems is essential to success in organic chemistry. These assignments will NOT be graded by the instructor. In working the homework assignments, it is best to have read the testbook and studied the lecture material first. Try to work each problem as if it were a question on an examination. If you cannot answer the problem correctly, go back and reread the text and your lecture notes pertaining to the topic.


Problem Sets are due at 8 am on the dates listed below. A deduction of 5 points will be made for each day that the set is late, i.e., 5 pts deducted for assigments handed in from 9 am on day due to 8 am next day; 10 pts deducted after 8 am the next day, etc.


It is your responsibility to be present at the times scheduled for exams. THERE WILL BE NO MAKEUP EXAMS GIVEN IN THIS COURSE. If you must miss an exam due to illness, the course grade will be determined by doubling the score on the final exam. The final exam will be taken only at the officially scheduled time.

Cheating is a serious offense. If you cheat on any quiz, assignment or exam, the minimum penalty is a grade of zero for that work. Your conduct may also be referred to the Student Conduct Committee for assessment of a more severe penalty. Laboratory attendance is required. The experiments must be performed during the scheduled time period.

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