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Ernst, Bruno. The Magic Mirror of M.C. Escher . Norfolk , England : Tarquin Publications, 1985.

This is another informational book which gives a brief summary of M.C. Escher's life and an analysis of all of Escher's work. It was written by mathematician, Bruno Ernst. In this book, Ernst shares some of Escher's drawings from each of his different styles and he gives a general analysis of them. Although, he never goes very deeply into one area of his work, the book presents a very holistic critique to Escher's work. This book's purpose is simply to give the viewer a general knowledge of M.C. Escher and his drawings. By reading this book, I will be able to obtain a good foundational knowledge of Escher.

M.C. Escher: The Graphic Work . New York : Taschen Books, 2001.

This book consists almost entirely of pictures by the artist M.C. Escher. There is no author associated with this book as the only writing in the book is a very brief timeline of Escher's life. This book was created so that people interested in Escher's work could simply enjoy all of his different works and styles. Even though there is little to no text in this book, it will be an extremely helpful resource for me because it has his pictures categorized by the time period in which he created them in. Also, I will be using this book as my primary reference to Escher's pictures in my essay.

National Gallery of Art . ‘M.C. Escher . ” Washington D.C. 2003. May 2003
(site temporarily unavailable).

This M.C. Escher page is found on the National Gallery of Art web site. This page consists of an incredibly detailed alphabetical list of every piece of work that Escher created. It includes everything from his most famous pieces to stamps to birth cards that he designed. This page would be very useful for finding a certain drawing by its name or for finding pieces of his work that are not so famous. I will be able to use this site when explaining the different areas in which Escher's work has been used and it will help me tremendously in finding out the details of each of his works.

Robertson, Edmund and O'Connor, John. “Maurits Cornelis Escher.” MacTutor History of Mathematics. May 2003.

This article was found on the MacTutor History of Mathematics web site. and was written by Edmund Robertson and John O'Connor who are Mathematics professors at the University of St. Andrews . This article gives a rather thorough biography of M.C. Escher with references to a few of his works. This article includes several quotes from M.C. Escher and attempts to explain the relationships between his different styles and the time period in which he incorporated them. I will mostly use this article as a reference for basic information pertaining to Escher's biography and his changes in style.

Schattschneider, Doris. Visions of Symmetry: Notebooks, Periodic Drawings, and Related Works of M.C. Escher . New York : W.H. Freeman and Company, 1990.

This is an informational book written by Moravian College math professor, Doris Schattschneider on the graphic artist M.C. Escher and some of his work. Though, it focuses mainly on his tessellations and the more geometric side of his work. It displays several of Escher's tessellation drawings and their association with different geometric formulas and figures. Because of this, it would be of most interest to somebody who enjoys geometric patterns and the connection between art and mathematics. In this area, the book is very strong, but it lacks in all other areas of Escher's work. This book will be very useful to me for the parts of my essay that deal with tessellations, along with much of the biography, but I will use other references for all other parts of the essay.

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