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CS 460 Fall 2018

Week Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Reading/Lecture Homework
1 Intro, Overview of Capstone,
Version Control, Git Theory Git basics HTML and CSS Ambler 1, Slides: Intro, One, SE_1 HW 1 Green check mark (Git,HTML/CSS,Bootstrap)
2 Javascript Javascript, DOM, jQuery Examples Intro to Software Processes, SDLC Slides: Two HW 2 Green check mark (HTML,Javascript,jQuery) JS calendar
3 C# C# HTTP, Web Servers HTTP, REST HTTP Overview Slides: Three HW 3 Green check mark (C# console, translate app)
4 ASP.NET MVC Concepts, organization ASP.NET MVC Tour, Day 1 ASP.NET MVC Tour, Day 2 Software Development Life Cycles Freeman 1-2,4 HW 4 Green check mark (MVC app 1, no dB)
5 ASP.NET MVC Tour, Day 3 Entity Framework (EF), Database First Agile Software Development Agile Processes: Disciplined Agile Delivery Ambler 2-3
Freeman 3,5,14
HW 5 Green check mark (MVC app 2, simple dB)
6 Entity Framework and Models Data access & LINQ People, Roles, Rights, Responsibilities, Team Organization Project Initiation & Inception, Vision Ambler 4-7
Freeman 7-11
Getting Started with LINQ in C#
HW 6 Green check mark (MVC app 3, pre-existing relational dB)
7 Midterm Controllers and Action Methods, Routing Scope, Software Requirements Engineering Software Requirements Engineering Ambler 8
Hiding your API key
HW 7 Green check mark (MVC app 4, AJAX single page app)
8 Model Binding and Validation Views, Razor Software Architecture, Design & Modeling Software Design & Modeling Ambler 9
Freeman 15-18,
HW 8 Green check mark (MVC app 5, diy multi-table/relational dB)
9 Cloud Deployment (Azure) Cloud Deployment (Azure) Modeling example Thanksgiving Holiday (NO CLASS) Ambler 10-12
Freeman 13,20-22
Lecture vidoes
HW 9 Green check mark (MVC app 6, Cloud deployment)
10 Modeling example Modeling example Plan for CS 461, Processes, Requirements, Expectations Formation of Student Groups, Discuss Final Exams M1 (Team formation)
11 Final Exam (programming) 1st offering, Monday 2pm in ITC 311 Final Exam (programming) 2nd offering if necessary, Wednesday 2pm in ITC 311 Final Exam (Moodle): 10-11:50AM Friday, Dec. 7 in OMA 101
Milestones and assignments with a Green check mark next to them have been updated for 2018-19 and are ready to go. The others may change before they're formally assigned.

CS 461 Winter 2019

Schedule Example (.mpp, .pdf)
Week Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Reading Homework
1 Welcome Back, Milestone 1 discussion Git Forking Workflow (diagram) Git Forking Workflow, demo Software Construction: Scrum process Ambler 13-14, ScrumReferenceCard(.pdf) Watch: Scrum Training Series Videos, Agile Software Construction Milestone 1 Green check mark
2 Milestone 2 discussion Software Construction: Scrum process Software Requirements: User Stories Agile project management tools Ambler 15,17 Milestone 2 Green check mark
3 MLK Jr. Holiday (NO CLASS) Milestone 3 discussion Software Requirements Tools & Techniques Continuous Deployment to Azure Milestone 3 Green check mark
4 Milestone 4 discussion Software Architecture Patterns Software Modeling: Agile modeling, UML, Design patterns Design example Architecture & Modeling, UML(.pdf), DesignPatterns(.pdf), Design Patterns (link to good resource) Milestone 4 Green check mark
5 Milestone 5 discussion Modeling and Design Authentication and Authorization in MVC Authentication and Authorization in MVC ASP.NET Identity Helper, Authentication & Authorization Milestone 5 Green check mark
6 Sprint 1 discussion/planning Continuous Integration (CI) & Deployment (CD) Midterm
(MOD 101 in class)
Team: Sprint 1, Team Presentation Assignment Green check mark
7 Faculty Candidate Presentation ITC 311 MVC/Implementation Topics, Security, XSS, SQL injection Testing & Test-Driven Development (TDD) Testing & Test-Driven Development (TDD) Mid-Sprint tech mtg
8 Faculty Candidate Presentation ITC 311 MVC/Implementation Topics Presentation: Node.js (Team ToasterCode) Team: Sprint 2, Sprint Review Sheet: .docx or .odt
9 Presentation: Subversion (Team Drunken Coders) Presentation: Angular.js (Team BitsPlease) Presentation: React.js (Team Yellow Umbrella Corps) Presentation: Solid (Team Scrum Lords) Mid-Sprint tech mtg
10 Presentation: Containers (Team MNM) Presentation: Google App Engine (Team Float:None) Presentation: Jira (Team Automated Media) Presentation: Serverless Compute (Team SpockMonkeys) Sprint 3 preparation, print of sprint backlog due Friday 3/15 at 4pm
11 Final Exam (Moodle): 10-11:50 Wed. March 20 OMA 101

CS 462 Spring 2018

Week Tuesday Thursday Resources/Assignments Sprints
1 Software Quality, Software Testing Unit Testing, NUnit, Refactoring for Testing, Dealing with Dependencies, Repository Pattern Testing links,
Inviting speakers,
Testing Reqs for Sprint 3
Sprint 3 (team), 2 (individual), Sprint Review Sheet: .docx or .odt
2 Mocking Framework, Moq Dependency Injection, NInject and Inversion of Control (IoC) Pattern Testing Reqs for Sprint 4
3 Testing with dependencies, continued; examples Industry Speaker: Bill Hill, Technical Account Manager at VMware Sprint 4 (team), 3 (individual)
4 Integration testing; Test automation Integration testing; Selenium; Cucumber/Gherkin
5 Industry Speaker (9-10): Howard Passmore, Amazon.com XSS, XSS Prevention Cheat Sheet, CSRF Prevention Cheat Sheet, CSRF in ASP.NET MVC, Preventing XSS in MVC, Excess XSS Sprint 5 (team), 4 (individual)
6 Industry Speaker (9-10): Raja Kushalnagar Ph.D., J.D., Director, Information Technology program in the Dept. of Science, Technology and Mathematics at Gallaudet University Industry Speaker (9-10): Lisa Orr, Data Scientist at Urban Airship α Testing Template, Defect Report
7 At NCWIT conference, probably no class At NCWIT conference, probably no class Final Technical Reqs, Hiding Application Secrets Sprint 6 (team), 5 (individual)
8 Configuration Management slides
9 Academic Excellence Showcase: Posters, Team Presentations Final Release, Last Bug Fixes and Technical Reqs
10 🎓   Recognitions and Awards
11 Final Exam: Tuesday, June 12 08:00 - 09:50