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Cumulative List of Courses

English Literature & Culture

Literary & Critical Theory

ENG 104             Introduction to Literature: Fiction

ENG 105             Introduction to Literature: Drama

ENG 106             Introduction to Literature: Poetry

ENG 204             Survey of British Literature I: Origins to 1600

ENG 205             Survey of British Literature II: 1600-1832

ENG 206             Survey of British Literature III: 1832-Present

ENG 325             Twentieth-Century British Literature

ENG 399             Apocalypse Then: Literature and Culture of the 1990s

ENG 407/507     Seminar: British Postmodern Fiction

ENG 421/521     Studies in British Literature

ENG 489/589     Twentieth-Century Asian-American Literature

ENG 624             British Literature: Modernism to Postmodernism

HUM 407H          Honors Seminar: The Literature of Terrorism

ENG 223w         Introduction to Literary Study

ENG 407/507    Seminar: Postcolonialism

ENG 415/515    Topics in Theory: Postmodernism

ENG 418/518    Topics in Theory: Socio-Historicism

ENG 631            Major Theories of Literary Criticism

Film Studies 

ENG 386             Form and Meaning in Film

ENG 386             Italian Neorealism and Beyond

ENG 386             Continuity & Discontinuity from Weine to Tarantino

Irish Literature & Culture Composition & Miscellany

ENG 399             Writing the Celtic Tiger: New Irish Literature & Culture

ENG 407/507     Seminar: Irish Modernism

ENG 407/507     Seminar: Contemporary Irish Literature

ENG 447/547     Major Authors: James Joyce

ENG 447/547     Major Authors:  W.B. Yeats

HUM 407H         Honors Seminar: Yeats, Joyce, Beckett, and Heaney

WR 135             College Writing II

WR 321w          Business and Technical Writing

WR 414             Advanced Composition

WR 610             Forms of Expository Prose

H 303                 Honors Thesis Orientation

H 353                 Honors Thesis Development


Notes:   W = Writing Intensive  |   H = Honors Program  |  400/500 = Undergraduate/Graduate  |  600 = Graduate Only