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Bledsoek, K. & Flick, L. (2011) Concept development and meaningful learning among electrical engineering students engaged in a problem-based laboratory experience. Journal of Science Education Technology, currently available via SpringerLink.

Bledsoe, K. & Kellar, H. (2009). Designing a blended model of collaborative teacher professional development: The Oregon Science Teachers Association Science Partnership Grant. The Oregon Science Teacher, 50(5), 19-23.

How do engineering students develop and reason with concepts of electricity within a project-based course? Published Doctoral dissertation, March, 2007.

Bledsoe, K., Shieh, R., Park, Y., & Gummer, E. (2004) Role Perceptions and Role Dynamics Between Graduate Scientists and K-12 Teachers in a University Outreach Project: Understudied Constructs. Journal of Higher Education Outreach and Engagement, 9(2), 107-122.


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How Do Electrical Engineering Students Develop and Reason with Concepts of Electricity in a Project-Based Course? National Association for Research in Science Teaching annual conference, April 15-17, 2007.

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How do engineering students without a strong knowledge base reason and form ideas about electricity in a task-based learning context? Paper presented at the Association for Science Teacher Education International Conference, Clearwater Beach, FL, January 3-6, 2007.

Other peer-reviewed publications

"Atkins or Fadkins?" case study, National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science ( Accepted April 2009, in press.

Unpublished reports

Shieh, R., & Bledsoe, K.E. (2003) Evaluation of the GK-12 Fellowships to Enhance Science Education in Oregon. Unpublished report.

Documents for sharing

Romanovs and Revolution: PowerPoint for introducing X-linked traits. Includes slides of the Romanov family, a pedigree chart of the Windsors, and red-green color blindness in my own family.
Notes for Romanovs and Revolution (Word document)

Who's Your Daddy? PowerPoint inquiry problem involving the genetics of a litter of kittens born in our back yard in 2007. Includes X-linkage, since one kitten is calico and another is tortoise shell.



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