CS 462 Spring 2019

Week Tuesday Thursday Resources/Assignments Sprints
1 Software Quality, Software Testing Unit Testing, Refactoring for Testing, Dealing with Dependencies, Repository Pattern Testing links,
Inviting speakers,
Testing Reqs for Sprint 3
Sprint 3
Sprint Review Sheet
2 Mocking Framework, Moq Dependency Injection, NInject and Inversion of Control (IoC) Pattern Unit Testing PowerPoint Slides,
Demo notes for the DEMO project,
Testing Reqs for Sprint 4
3 Testing with dependencies, continued; examples Kevin Leonard
Information Security Specialist
Fisher Investments
We are working on automating process that the Information Security team uses to manage day to day operations.
Demo notes for the SportsStore project,
Information about the day of the event
Sprint 4
Sprint Review Sheet
4 Integration testing; Test automation Integration testing; Selenium; Cucumber/Gherkin QUnit Testing PowerPoint Slides,
5 Colin Mulcahy
Anna Regimbal
Huron Consulting Group
Kevin Rich
Engineering Supervisor
Really Short SpecFlow Demo,
XSS, XSS Prevention Cheat Sheet, CSRF Prevention Cheat Sheet, CSRF in ASP.NET MVC, Preventing XSS in MVC, Excess XSS
Sprint 5
Sprint Review Sheet
6 Alex LeClerc
Doctoral Student OSU
JT Monzingo
Associate Software Developer
Pacific Source Health Plans
α Testing Template,
Defect Report,
Testing Group Assignments
7 At NCWIT conference, no class At NCWIT conference, no class Final Technical Reqs, Hiding Application Secrets Sprint 6
9 Academic Excellence Showcase: Team Presentations Final Release, Last Bug Fixes and Technical Reqs
10 SCM Slides Final Study Guide
11 Final Exam: Thursday, June 13 10:00 - 11:50