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April 24, 2008

Program requirements (starting 2008-2009)

Program of study

The Minor in Film Studies is built around a three course core that introduces students to social scientific, literary, and contextual approaches to film. Additional course work is required in "theory, tools, and methods" for analyzing and interpreting film, and in topical areas, including studies in national cinemas, film genres, and the social contexts of film. The relationship of film to other media and to larger historical, social, and artistic movements and practices is the unifying theme within the program of study.

Film Studies Minor (28-34 credits)

Core Courses (10 credits)

ANTH 369 Visual Anthropology (3)
ENG 386 Form and Meaning in Film (4)
COM 426 Language of the Mass Media (3)

Theory, tools, and methods (6-8 credits)
Choose two from:

A 305 Art History: Modernism (4)
A 306 Art History: Modernism (4)
COM 342 Media Literacy (3)
ENG 223 Introduction to Literary Study (4)
GEOG 386 Making Digital Video for the Social Sciences (4)
SOC 460 Feminist Theory (3)
MUS 423 Scoring for Film and Television (3)
MUS 460 Special Topics in Music History (3)
PHIL 282 Philosophy of Art (3)
TA 251 Elements of Acting (3)
TA 308 History of Fashion (3)
TA 330 Script Writing (3)
TA 338 History of Architecture and Décor (3)

Topical courses (6-8 credits)
Choose two from:

FR 340 French Cinema (3)
GEOG 207 Geography and Film (4)
GEOG 307 Canadian Identity Through Film (4)
GEOG 420 The West and the American Imagination (4)
GEOG 421 The Changing American West (4)
GL 310 German Film (3)
PS 478 Political Fiction and Film (3)
SOC 407 Latin American Social Issues Through Film (3)

Electives (6-8 credits)
Choose credits in consultation with a Film Studies advisor. Courses not listed here maybe applied towards the minor with advisor approval. Students may also apply credits from FLM 406 Special Individual Studies and FLM 409 Practicum towards completion of the minor.

Contact Shaun Huston, 503.838.8296, for questions or a Film Studies faculty member in your Division.

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New program requirements

The requirements for the Minor in Film Studies have been revised for the 2008-2009 catalog. The new program of study offers students greater flexibility in building an individual program, and includes a new course on Digital Video Production (GEOG 386). See the full program.

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April 9, 2008

Guest speaker: Matt McCormick

Guest Lecture: Portland Filmmaker Matt McCormick
Thursday, April 10
Campbell Room 101, 3:30 – 5:20
Free and open to the public

Matt McCormick is an artist and filmmaker who has made several award winning short films in recent years. His work blurs the lines between documentary and experimental filmmaking to fashion witty and abstract observations of contemporary culture and the urban landscape.

Matt’s work has screened in film festivals, art museums, and microcinemas around the globe, appeared on MTV and the Sundance Channel, and has received positive reviews from Art Forum, The New York Times, and Film Comment magazine. Matt has worked and collaborated with many artists and musicians, including The Shins, Miranda July, Sleater-Kinney, The Postal Service, and Calvin Johnson. Matt has had three films screen at the Sundance Film Festival, and been included in the traveling group exhibitions “Uncertain States of America” and “Baja to Vancouver.” He has received awards including Best Short Film from the San Francisco International Film Fest, Best Experimental from the New York Underground Film Fest, and Best Short from the Ann Arbor Film Fest, and his film ‘The Subconscious Art of Graffiti Removal’ was named as a ‘Top 10 Film of 2002’ by both The Village Voice and Art Forum magazine.

Matt is also the founder of the video label Peripheral Produce and the Portland Documentary and eXperimental Film Festival.



McCormick is a guest in ART 406W: Video: Art, Theory & Politics.
Thank you to the WOU Art Department Faculty, Staff, and Students.
For more information contact Julie Perini at perinij@wou.edu.

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