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February 28, 2006

Screening of Crash

The College of Education Diversity Committee and the Diversity Peer Educators present the Academy Award-nominated movie, "Crash." The movie will be shown at 7:00 p.m. Thursday March 2 in the WUC Den (First Floor) with a facilitated discussion to follow.

Come see this amazing movie, its commentary on race relations in the United States and engage in a discussion about the film. Snacks will be provided and it is FREE for everyone.

For more information, contact Jon Tucker at 838-8063.

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February 22, 2006

Critical Film Series

The Praxis Club and Sociolog will show a provocative film on U.S. foreign policy and oil interests, THE OIL FACTOR: Mon., 2/27, 5:00, Willamette Room, Werner Center.It is a fascinating history and analysis of how oil interests have shaped foreign policy with a focus on the Middle East. Everyone is cordially invited. See you there.

Dean Braa

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February 15, 2006

Spring 2006 Courses

Core courses
CRN: 31087 ANTH 369D VISUAL ANTHROPOLOGY 1000-1150 MW Smith, Robin HSS 107

CRN: 30101 SP 426W LANG/MASS MEDIA 1230-1350 TR Nevius, Frank HSS 336

Theory, tools, and methods courses
CRN: 30407 A 306 ART HST: MODERN 1000-1150 TR Cempellin, Leda CH 101

CRN: 30025 ENG 223W INTRO TO LIT STUDY 1200-1350 TR Rand, Thomas HSS 330

CRN: 30331 GEOG 207W GEOGRAPHY & FILM 1500-1850 W Huston, Shaun SH 121

CRN: 30525 TA 251 ELEMENTS OF ACTING 1400-1450 MWF Janowiak, David RA 113

CRN: 31120 TA 330W SCRIPT WRITING 1500-1620 MWF Phillips, Michael RA 113

Film in Europe courses
CRN: 30044 FR 433D FR CULT & CIV III 1100-1150 MWF Fremaux, Sylvain HSS 230

Film in the Americas courses
CRN: 30347 HST 352D S AMER SINCE INDEP 1300-1350 MTWR Rector, John HSS 235

CRN: 30127 SPAN 442D 20TH CENT LAT AM LIT 1230-1350 TR Gonzalez-Viana, Eduardo TODD 347

Special Spring course
CRN: 31142 SP 407H MASCULINITIES/MEDIA 1400-1520 TR Plec, Emily APS 212

For complete program information, click here.
Or contact Shaun Huston, HSS 217, 503.838.8296.

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February 3, 2006

Repeat OF Wal-Mart Film

The Sociology Department and Praxis will repeat a showing of the award winning film: WAL-MART: THE HIGH COST OF LOW PRICES, on Feb. 8 (Wed.) at noon in the Santiam Room of Werner Center. It raises the important issue of corporate responsibility to workers and communities. As you may know, it is a "hot" topic across the nation. If you missed our first showing, please bring your lunch and join us. You will not be disappointed!

Conact Dean Braa for details.

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February 1, 2006

Film event at Mission Mill Museum

February 16, 7:30 p.m., Richard Etulain, History Communicated through Film.

Films about the American West have entertained audiences around the world for more than a century. Why have these adventure stories, with their simplistic plot lines and stereotypical portrayals of cowboys and Native Americans, dancehall girls and local schoolmarms so captured our imagination? Do these films deal primarily with the historical West, or are they a reflection of sociopolitical attitudes at the time of their making? How does a combination of these impulses allow Westerns to resonate so deeply in the American psyche?

Richard Etulain’s slide-illustrated lecture offers insights to these questions through a historical overview of one hundred years of Western films. By considering classics like Stagecoach, High Noon, and Shane as well as modern Westerns like Geronimo, Lone Star and Thelma and Louise, participants will explore the popular genre’s changing images of heroes and heroines, Native Americans and attitudes about the environment.

Mission Mill Museum website.

Information provided by Max Geier, Department of History.

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