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November 23, 2005

Critical Film Series

The Praxis Student Club and the Sociology Dept. are developing a "Critical Film Series" and we have scheduled the showing of our first film: WAL-MART: THE HIGH COST OF LOW PRICES. This is an award winning, incredible look at one of the world's largest corporations. We will show the film on NOV. 30 (Wed.) at 12:00 in the WILLAMETTE ROOM OF WERNER CENTER. Come have lunch with us!

On the agenda for next term are : "The Corporation," "The Oil Factor," and others.

Contact Dean Braa for details.

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November 18, 2005

Thinking of minoring in film studies ...

... but want to know more about why it might be useful? Check out this article from the New York Times.

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November 17, 2005

Area theaters

Being a film studies minor (and film studies faculty!) means always being able to justify going to the movies. But, where to go? The following are links to Monmouth-area theaters.

Regal Entertainment Group owns the area's major corporate theaters. There are two in Salem and one in Corvallis. The Regal 9th Street in Corvallis is an older theater that tends to run fewer big movies and more smaller and "artful" films. Get information about Regal showtimes at Fandango. If you search on Monmouth's zipcode, 97361, you will get Corvallis, but not Salem theaters. To get Salem theaters, search on the city's name or a Salem zip.

Monmouth's zipcode will also turn up results for the two Dallas theaters: The Fox and the Motor Vu Drive In. These theaters are locally owned and operated, but generally show first run and major Hollywood releases.

Both McMinnville and Corvallis are home to theaters owned by smaller corporate chains. These are Carmike's in Corvallis and McMinnville Cinema in, well, McMinnville.

Salem, Corvallis, and McMinnville all have locally owned theaters that feature smaller, independent, and foreign films. These are: Salem Cinema, the Avalon and Darkside (Corvallis), and The Mack (McMinnville). Salem and McMinnville also have theater pubs that show a variety of movies. They are the Northern Lights Theater Pub and Moonlight Theater respectively.

On campus, while classes are in session, you can see major Hollywood releases, and sometimes not so major releases, on Fridays and Sundays in the Werner Center.

I encourage everyone to seek out a variety of movies. The more you see, and the greater the diversity, the more you'll come to appreciate and understand the power, beauty, and significance of film.

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November 16, 2005

Winter 2006 courses

Theory tools and methods
•A 305 Art History: Modernism CRN: 20403 MW 8:00-9:50 CH 101
•ENG 223W Introduction to Literary Study CRN: 20022 8:00-9:50 MW HSS 333
•PS 478W Political Fiction and Film CRN: 20370 MWF 3:00-3:50 HSS 107
•TA 251 Elements of Acting CRN: 20535 MWF 12:00-12:50 RA 113

Film in Europe focus area
•FR 340D Cinema for French Conversation CRN: 20037 T 3:30-6:20 ITC 211
•FR 432D French Culture and Civilization CRN: 20039 MWF 11:00-11:50 HSS 236
•GL 423 Studies in German Language and Literature CRN: 21135 T 3:30-6:20 TODD 349

Film in the Americas focus area
•GEOG 307D Canadian Identity through Film CRN: 20333 W 4:00-7:50 HSS 336
•HST 351D Mexico/Caribbean since Independence CRN: 20351 MTWR 1:00-1:50 HSS 109
•HST 477D US West in the 20th Century CRN: 20539 TR 10:00-11:50 HSS 109
•SPAN 371D Introduction to Latin American Literature CRN: 20126 TR 11:00-12:20 UPCC C130

•TA 112 Introduction to Film CRN: 20531 W 3:00-5:50 SH 121

Want to know more about the program? Click here.

For additional information contact: Shaun Huston,, 503.838.8296, HSS 217

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Program of study (2005-2008)

The program is built around a three course core that introduces students to social scientific, literary, and contextual approaches to film. Additional course work is required in "theory, tools, and methods" for analyzing and interpreting film, and in focus areas that allow students to tailor the minor to their specific needs and interests. The relationship of film to other media and to larger historical, social, and artistic movements and practices is the unifying theme within the program of study.

Minor 25-30 credits

Core Courses 10 credits

ANTH 369 Visual Anthropology (3)
ENG 386 Form and Meaning in Film (4)
SP 426 Language of the Mass Media (3)

Theory, tools, and methods 6-8 credits

Choose two from:
A 305 Art History: Modernism (4)
A 306 Art History: Modernism (4)
ENG 223 Introduction to Literary Study (4)
GEOG 207 Geography and Film (4)
SOC 460 Feminist Theory (3)
MUS 423 Scoring for Film and Television (3)
MUS 460 Special Topics in Music History (3)
PHIL 282 Philosophy of Art (3)
PS 478 Political Fiction and Film (3)
TA 251 Elements of Acting (3)
TA 308 History of Fashion (3)
TA 330 Script Writing (3)
TA 338 History of Architecture and Décor (3)

Focused study 9-12 credits
Choose one of the following clusters:

Film in Europe 9-11 credits
Context courses 6-8 credits
Choose two from:
FR 432 French Culture and Civilization: The Making of Modern France (3)
FR 433 French Culture and Civilization: Contemporary France (3)
GL 341 German Culture and Civilization II (3)
GL 342 German Cultural Studies (3)
GL 412 German Literature II (3)
GL 423 Studies in German Language and Literature (3)
GL 441 20th Century German Drama (3)
HST 437, 438 or 439 History of Modern Germany (4)
HST 442 Modern France: 20th Century (4)
HST 443 19th Century Europe (4)
HST 444 20th Century Europe: The Two World Wars (4)
HST 445 20th Century Europe: Postwar Period (4)

Film courses 3 credits
Choose one from:
FR 340 Topics in French Fine Arts: Cinema for French Conversation (3)
GL 310 German Film and Conversation (3)

Film in the Americas 9-12 credits
Context courses 6-8 credits
Choose two from:
GEOG 435 U.S. and Canadian Geopolitics (4)
HST 351 Mexico and the Caribbean since Independence (4)
HST 350 South America since Independence (4)
HST 460 or 461 Multicultural America in Historical Perspective (4)
HST 462 American Voices (4)
HST 463 America and the World Wars (4)
HST 464 Cold War America (4)
HST 461 Chican@ History (4)
HST 469 Canada since Confederation (4)
HST 476 US West to 1900 (4)
HST 447 US West in the 20th Century (4)
HST 490 20th Century Latin America (4)
SPAN 339 Civilization and Culture of Latin America (3)
SPAN 370 or 371 Introduction to Latin American Literature (3)
SPAN 441, 442, or 443 Latin American Literature of the 20th Century (3)

Film courses 3-4 credits
Choose one from:
GEOG 307 Canadian Identity Through Film (4)
GEOG 420 The West and the American Imagination (4)
GEOG 421 The Changing American West (4)
SOC 407 Latin American Social Issues Through Film (3)

Critical studies 9-12 credits
Additional course in theory, tools, and methods 3-4 credits
Approved film studies courses 6-8 credits

“Approved film studies courses�? are those listed here. Additional courses maybe submitted for review and approval by advising faculty in Film Studies. By arrangement and in consultation with Film Studies faculty, students may also apply credits from FLM 406 Special Individual Studies and FLM 409 Practicum toward completion of the minor.

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Faculty in film studies

The film studies minor is an interdisciplinary program that draws on courses and faculty from across the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

The following are advising faculty for the minor:

Shaun Huston
Associate Professor
Geography and Social Sciences

Gavin Keulks
Associate Professor
English and Humanities

Gianna Martella
Associate Professor
Spanish and Humanities

Mark Perlman
Associate Professor
Philosophy and Humanities

Emily Plec
Assistant Professor
Speech Communication and Humanities

Michael Phillips
Assistant Professor
Theater and Creative Arts

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