1. Write formulas for each of the following oxo anions and classify each as nonbasic, feebly basic, moderately basic, or very strongly basic.
    • silicate
    • tellurate
    • perbromate
    • sulfite
    • hypochlorite
    • perneptunate
    • nitrite
    • ferrate


  2. Write the formula of each of the following oxo acids and tell whether its solution in water will be very strongly acidic, strongly acidic, moderately acidic, or weakly acidic
    • permanganic acid
    • selenic acid
    • arsenious acid
    • selenous acid
    • telluric acid
    • molybdic acid
  3. When the use of tripolyphosphates in detergents was under attack, sodium carbonate and sodium silicate were tried as replacements for use in high concentration in detergents. But concern was expressed that such detergents would be very dangerous if infants swallowed them, and might also be quite corrosive to the washing machines. Explain why.
  5. A lake near the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee has become contaminated with plutonium from the reprocessing of spent fuel from nuclear reactors. Predict whether most of the plutonium in this lake is likely to be dissolved in the water or will be found in the sediments at the bottom of the lake. Also predict whether this situation might be altered if the lake were strongly subjected to the effects of acid rain.