Welcome to the Webpage of Dr. Sarah Boomer

Department of Biology, Western Oregon University

345 Monmouth Ave., Monmouth, Oregon 97361

Office NSM 221, (503) 838-8209; FAX (503) 838-8072

email: boomers@wou.edu

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Dr. Boomer is on sabbatical Fall 2018, often with limited email.


* If you are an advisee or student with advising questions in the fall, I will be on

campus Nov. 12-16 for appointments. Outside of that week, I will not be available

until January after winter term begins.


* BI 318 (Micro for Nursing/Health Majors) is being taught in fall by Dr. Dutton.

The winter and spring offerings of BI 318 will be taught by Dr. Boomer.


* BI 331 (Micro for Biology/Med-Chem Majors) WILL be taught winter and spring.


* BI 432 (Immunology) will not be taught again until Fall 2020.


Course Links

ALL Materials Now on Moodle!


Advising Areas

Pre-Professional Degrees in Biology

Pre-Dental, Pre-Medical After Pre-Biology Course Completion

Some advising materials available on request via email during

the academic year.