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Biology 213 Lab: Spring 2009

Downloadable documents are in PDF format. You will need Acrobat Reader or other PDF reader (such as Preview on the Mac) to read these documents.



Syllabus for Spring 2010



Gradebook: check often for accuracy! Morning and afternoon labs are on the same sheet. Last updated: Monday, June 7 - final grades! Please check for accuracy.



Cytokinin Data (Excel spreadsheet)

Very basic Excel graphing tutorial

Note for 12:30 lab - several of the lab groups didn't quite convert grams to milligrams correctly, which threw off your final numbers. Look on the tabs in the Excel spreadsheet - I've marked the tabs with the first letters of the last names that were on the data handed in.

To think about as you interpret these data:

  • Did you expect more chlorophyl retention in the light or the dark? Why? Look up information on the effects of light on chlorophyl in excised tissue.
  • Did you expect more chlorophyl retention with higher levels of cytokinin? Why? Look up information on cytokinin. Is there an optimum concentration to use? Can a plant have too much cytokinin?



Lab Handouts





Class announcements

Classes begin Monday, March 29

Bio 213 lectures are held in NS 103

Bio 213 labs are held in NS 204

Labs will begin the first week of class.



Important dates:

Last day to pay fees: Friday April 2

Registration ends : FridayApril 9

Last day to drop classes: Friday, May 7

Registration for next term: Feb 22 - 26

Memorial Day Holiday: Monday Monday May 31

Final exam week: Mar May 17-21



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