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Biology 103: Winter 2009

Downloadable documents are in PDF format. You will need Acrobat Reader or other PDF reader (such as Preview on the Mac) to read these documents.


I have no Bi 103 classes this term (Winter 2010). However, students from other sections are welcome to use these resources.



  • Audesirk, Audesirk, & Byer, Biology: Life on Earth, 8th ed.
  • Lab packet for Bi 103 (available in the bookstore)






Study guides:


Materials for lecture: be sure to download and read these before class.

Chapter Notes

Chapter 42a: Plant Anatomy

Chapter 43: Plant Reproduction

Chapter 44: Plant Responses

Chapter 42b: Plant Transport

Chapter 31: Homeostasis

Chapter 38: Nervous System

Chapter 37: Endocrine System

Chapter 34: Urinary System

Chapter 39: Muscles and Bones

Chapter 32: Circulation

Chapter 33: Respiration

Chapter 34: Nutrition and Digestion

Chapter 36: Immunity


Week 1: Plant Tissues

Week 2: Leaves, Roots, Stems; Plant Reproduction , Fruits and Seeds

Week 3: Plant Responses

Week 4: Plant Transport

Week 5: Nervous System

Week 6: Endocrine System

Week 7: Urinary System, Musculo-skeletal system

Week 8: Circulatory system, Respiratory System

Week 9: Digestive system

Week 10: Immune system



Nutrient uptake

Plant transport



NOVA Video on Obesity and genetics



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Important dates:


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