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Biology 102: Winter 2011

Welcome to Biology 102! This term's topics include Atoms and Molecules, Cell Energetics, and Genetics.

Downloadable documents listed below are in PDF format. You will need Acrobat Reader or other PDF reader (such as Preview on the Mac) to read these documents.

Link to the Moodle portal - you can download and print the labs here.

How to Succeed in College Science

Syllabus for Winter 2011


  • Audesirk, Audesirk, & Byer, Biology: Life on Earth, Special Edition (or 8th ed.)
  • Lab packet for Bi 102 (from the Moodle portal)

Extra Credit (2-5 points each)

In addition to the extra credit opportunities listed in the syllabus, I will post interactive activities here. See your syllabus for extra credit policies. Some of these online activities require Flash player and have music or sounds.

Macromolecules activity

Cells activity

DNA activity

DNA extraction activity

Gel electrophoresis activity

Microarray (genomic analysis) activity

Gene therapy activity (Space Doctor)

Other resources

Photosynthesis animations:

Cellular Respiration animations (scroll down on these pages to find self-quizzes):

The Amazing Colour Changing Card Trick and The Monkey Business Illusion illustrate why it's a good idea to not distract yourself by texting or web surfing in class: psychologists have shown over and over again that we can't really multitask. Learning to focus even when you're bored is a good life skill. Atoms has good, basic information on atomic structure.

eChem Applet is an imaging tool for building 3D representations of molecules. Your syllabus has an extra credit opportunity that uses eChem.

The Basics of Life has interactive activities to help you learn about the four classes of biomolecules (this is an updated link - the one in the class notes no longer works).

How Diffusion Works and How Osmosis Works are good, comprehensible animations that help make these processes clear.

Cells Alive! has interactive cell models, animations of cell division, and lots of other resources.

Learn Genetics by the University of Utah, a terrific resource for learning the basics of genetics and current research.

Mendelian Genetics - a set of interactive tutorials that teach monohybrid, dihybrid, and X-linked genetics.




Class announcements

Classes begin Monday, January 3

Bio 101 lectures are held in NS 103

Bio 101 labs are held in NS 123

Labs will begin the second week of class.

No labs on MLK holiday week, but lectures will continue.


Important dates:

Last day to pay fees: Friday

Registration ends : Friday Jan 7

Last day to drop classes with full refund: Friday, Jan 7

Last day to drop without grade responsiblity: Friday Jan 28

Last day to drop with a W grade: Friday Feb 18

Registration for next term: Feb 21 - 25

MLK Holiday: Monday Jan 17

Final exam week: March 14 - 18

Final Exam for all Bi 100 series classes will be on Monday, March 14, 2:00 - 3:50. Locations to be announed. See the Multiple Section Exam Schedule.


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